The BIG Gold Primary Inspection Handbook - 2019 Edition

The BIG Gold Primary Inspection Handbook - 2019 Edition

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This popular publication has been updated to support schools with their preparation for the 2019 Inspection Schedule. As well as the materials in the handbook, schools can download a wide range of documents to support their preparation - including a PowerPoint presentation for staff and governors / trustees outlining the changes to the schedule.

The publication covers :

- the framework

- timescales

- curriculum expectations (high-level, deep dive and bringing it together)

- how quality will be judged

- revised expectations of leadership

- safeguarding

- myths about inspections

- progress since last inspection - using ASP

- the importance of work scrutiny and visits to lessons

- lesson observations : a revised approach

- the role and effectiveness of governance

Plus ...
- how is well-being assessed ?
- how will the GDPR implementation be assessed ?
- how will Analyse be used to judge performance
   (especially as it now covers a three year period of the new test arrangements)
- how can we use Analyse to identify issues in preparation ?
- what are the changes in relation to assessment expectations ?
- how can we demonstrate that we have developed a relevant and beneficial
   curriculum that reflects our local needs ?
- key performance indicators for revised inspection grades

and much more ...