Year 6 SAT's Preparation Pack 2019

Year 6 SAT's Preparation Pack 2019

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With only four months left to get your Year 6 pupils ready - MENTALLY and ACADEMICALLY - time is running out to ensure that you have done everything you can to achieve success in 2019 ..

Our revised Year 6 Preparation Pack will help you get your pupils ready for the
tests in 2019.

Our pack now contains over 80 pages, covering a wide range of topics and activities including :
- Improving Your Memory
- Skimming and Scanning
- Improving Your Spelling
- Getting Ready Mentally for the Tests
- Focussing On What Matters
- Visioning Success
- Information and Guidance for Parents
- Maths Revision Grids
- Improving Grammar
- Practical Activities for Verbs, Tenses, Punctuation and Spellings
- How To Use A Broad Vocabulary
- Test Winners Board Game
- Set of ‘Success’ Posters
- Revision Prompts and Guides
- Set of Electronic Versions To Download

Copies are available now to buy at just £100 (Includes VAT). This includes the licence to print and copy as needed within the purchasing establishment