The Heads / Principals Handbook 2019

The Heads / Principals Handbook 2019

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This updated guide for Heads / Principals provides you with the latest guidance and outlines the expectations of schools in 2018 / 19 in the following themes :

Inspections : 

- Analysing Your Curriculum

- Marking and Assessment

- Working With Analyse 2018 To Identify Strengths And Weaknesses

- Well-being : Assessing How Affective It Is

- The Inspection Framework

- Effective Self-evaluation

- Preparing For Inspection

- Safeguarding (And It’s Link To The GDPR)

- Key Policies

- Web Based Expectations

- Outcomes For Pupils

- How Is Teaching Judged ?

- The Role Of Performance Management

- Identifying Where You Stand Overall

Curriculum : 

How has the school balanced high standards with 
breadth ?
How has the school responded to local issues in it’s curriculum ?
How is progression tracked in ALL subjects ?
Does the curriculum promote social mobility ?
Is SMSC and British Values an integral part of the curriculum (woven into) rather than simply ‘ an add on’ ?
How is personal development planned ?
How is the curriculum been personalised ?
How has technology been 'woven into' your provision ?
What makes your curriculum stand out ?
How do you teach the full curriculum and not just
the assessment criteria ?
The GDPR :

- making referrals to the ICO : when, what do I tell them, do I refer all breaches ?

  what will the process be ? what can I expect from the ICO

- staff privacy notices - what should they contain ? when should they be issued ?

- dealing with subject access requests

- what is personal data (Plus handling subject access requests for e-mails - can they be requested ?)

- staff employment : the GDPR from advertising to interviewing to appointments (and the potential

  pitfalls at each stage)

- protocols for dealing with incidents and requests

- how to transfer, share or handle personal data using e-mail, post and other methods

- is compensation really a possibility ? if so, how much ?

- visitors to school and the GDPR

- data transfer request protocols

As well as detailed guidance on :



            British Values

            Analyse School Performance 2018