The GDPR Final Steps Pack

The GDPR Final Steps Pack

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Our new pack covers :

- employment rights and responsibilities with relation to the GDPR

- appointments, recruitment and adverts - the GDPR expectations

- dealing with sensitive information e.g Safeguarding : what can you send ? how do you send it ?

- pupil performance data - managing the process in relation to the GDPR

- protocols for dealing with subject access requests and amendments / redactions

- what about the GDPR and accessing school e-mail on your personal smartphone - can you ? what protections are needed ?

- dealing with data breaches and referring to the ICO

- the concept of under 16's being considered as vulnerable

- the ninth right of 'compensation' - what ? how much ? who pays ?

- pupils going online - what are the responsibilities of the school in relation to data ?

We will also cover :

- the GDPR principles

- what OFSTED expects

- dealing with a data breach

- expected policies and procedures

- data statements

- the role of Governors